Floral Design Isn’t it lovely?- Gold Ring.

  1. If you’re thinking of a wedding anniversary gift for your dearest one , then there’s nothing more valuable and precious than a gold ring.
  2. This 22 carat gold ring, shaped like a square has a floral design crafted inside.
  3. It’s augmented with little zircon stones which sparkle when light touches them.
  4. Send this gold ring to your beloved on his wedding , though it is expensive but it increase its  value with the passage of time being a gold.
  5. NOTE::We will provide image of actual receipt of this ring to you.
    Product may vary slightly.
  6. 15 days required for delivery of  this order.
  7. Product may vary slightly from the picture.
  8. Certificate of authenticity shall be provided.

Deliverable in Karachi only.

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