Extreme Sparkle Eyeliner: This is an extremely sparkle and brilliant glitter eyeliner line which creates glamorous and fabulous look and makes your eyes glittery like stars. With its perfect color, it will be your favorite for day and night make-up.

Style Liner Metallic Eyeliner: This is an excellent metallic eyeliner line from Golden Rose. Gives an impressive look to your eyes with its ultra shiny metallic color.

Perfect Lashes Mascara:Gives 4 times extra volume to the thin lashes and gives them a thicker and longer appearance.

  • Extreme Sparkle Eyeliner
  • Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
  • Duo eyeshadow
  • Style liner Metallic Eyeliner
  • Perfect Lashes Mascara


  • Colors will be randomly provided


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